The CNAV has a regional perimeter of action and strives to develop partnerships with local structures (national curriculum, initial and higher education, existing resource centres, broadcasting venues, artistic teams).

As a member of the national programme of Vocal Art Centres, the CNAV contributes to country-wide policy reflection, as well as to various coordinated actions requiring national visibility.

The Bettencourt Schueller Foundation is a benefactor of Musicatreize, National Centre for Vocal Art

Both a family foundation and a foundation of public utility since its creation, the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation seeks to ” give wings to talent “, to contribute to the success and influence of France.

To do this, it seeks out, selects, supports, accompanies and promotes women and men who are imagining tomorrow’s world today, in three fields that contribute concretely to the common good: life sciences, the arts and solidarity.

In a philanthropic spirit, it acts through prizes, donations, personalised support, communication and co-constructed initiatives.

Since its creation in 1987, it has awarded 620 prizes and supported more than 1,000 projects carried out by various teams, associations, institutions and organisations.


Musicatreize :
National Centre for Vocal Art

Linked to the Musicatreize Ensemble, led by Roland Hayrabedian, the National Centre for Vocal Art offers a unique opportunity to place singing, and in particular choral singing, at the centre of musical activities. This aspect of our work involves training younger audiences, fostering the personal exchanges that are essential to musical life in Marseille and the southern region and opening up spaces in which to develop innovative strategies for young audiences (primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools, etc.).

In its mission as a vocal arts centre, Musicatreize is committed not only to promoting choral singing with new large-scale artistic and cultural education projects, but also to constituting a regional resource for repertoires and expertise in choral singing.


is seeking choir members
Do you want to sing in a friendly atmosphere but exploring a contemporary repertoire and under a demanding direction?
Then the Meridiem Borealis Choir may be for you.

are launching a mobile choral-conducting academy

The choirs Accentus, Les éléments, Musicatreize and Spirito focus particularly on the transmission of vocal art and professional integration. In 2023, they are offering a mobile academy for young French and European choir directors. The Cité de la Voix and Radio France are contributing to this educational initiative.

The mobile academy will consist of four masterclasses with four renowned choral conductors: Nils Schweckendiek, Joël Suhubiette, Nicole Corti and Roland Hayrabedian. The three to four selected candidates – future professionals in the vocal arts – will be able to train with the conductors and perfect their style, sound and technique. Their travel expenses (travel, accommodation, lunches) and tuition costs will be covered.

With the travelling academy, the National Centres for Vocal Art are opening the door to tomorrow’s choral directors. The full and demanding experience offered to academy members will be based on the following pedagogical goals:
• work on gesture
• learning to manage a rehearsal, working at the table, conducting a choir in a concert situation
• introduction to choral art repertoires, in particular the a cappella repertoire promoted by the National Centres of Vocal Art
• introduction to the life of ensembles and the professional challenges of a choral director’s career

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