Music: Benoît Menut
Musicatreize Ensemble
Direction Roland Hayrabedian

With: Amandine Trenc, Kaoli Isshiki-Didier, Claire Gouton: sopranos
Estelle Corre, Madeleine Webb, Laure Ilef: mezzo-sopranos
François-Olivier Jean, Samuel Zattoni-Rouffy, Xavier de Lignerolles: ténors
Patrice Balter, Laurent Bourdeaux, Philippe Bergère: basses


“Imagine: we start from the Iroise Sea at the end of the Finistère – from my home -, lulled by the Breton language, then head south to the Basque Coast and its unparalleled language.

These sounds, full of meaning to those who understand them, are also simply music to the ears of those who hear them.

We then pass Gibraltar and its Columns of Hercules, to the strains of a western sailor’s song mixed with a “haketiya” (a mixture of medieval Spanish, biblical Hebrew and Moroccan dialect Arabic).

Going back in time, in search of the first source of a civilization, we stop in Malta, to the sound of a “Ghana” melted into knights’ songs, to go due East towards a dreamed Ithaca, a symbolic Greece, a maternal womb… before setting off again, like

Ulysses, for who knows where, because it is not the stopover that the sailor dreams of, but the crossing.

Benoît Menut, composer

_Musicatreize commission for a gigogne work

Work in progress: Commissioning of a work by a composer for a professional ensemble and a commission for an amateur choir (with the possibility of a junction point). For this first œuvre gigogne, the Musicatreize Ensemble, National Centre for Vocal Art, commissiones Benoit Menut. A commission for amateur choir will be interpreted in september 2021 during the event« 20 Lieux sur la mer » by various choirs.