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Becoming a sponsor of Musicatreize, becoming a player in its development
” TOUS ACTEURS ” was a slogan of Marseille-Provence 2013, European capital of culture, in order to create a dynamic bringing together both the economic and cultural worlds. Musicatreize is very much a part of this and has adopted the slogan for closer and more direct links between cultural players and the business world and its activities.

Becoming a sponsor of Musicatreize can mean
sharing common values
Anchored in Marseille, Musicatreize willingly uses the marine metaphor. These are concerts ‘on the dock’ or on the move, concerts ‘on the open sea’, sailing ‘on the high seas’. This poetics is not an effect of communication, the Mediterranean is part of the soul of the ensemble, and feeds its lyrical, political and spiritual imagination.

At the opposite end of the spectrum from bland, standardised, globalised aesthetics, Musicatreize and Roland Hayrabedian pursue an atypical artistic line, and interpret music that always makes the character, emotions and reflections of its composer audible (Oscar Strasnoy, Zad Moultaka, Maurice Ohana…).

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Benefit from tax advantages
A patron can deduct 66% of the amount of his or her donation from his or her taxes, up to an annual limit of 20% of taxable income. If the limit is exceeded, it can be carried forward to the next 5 years.

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