Cultural programme to professional integration
Premiere 2023

Music: Alexandros Markeas

To gather in Europe, but also to assemble throughout Europe: this is the intention of bringing back from a long journey the fruits born of meetings, concerts and shows where collective invention and the desire to share prevail. It’s the idea of gleaning new music here and there and bringing it back to be shared.

To Gather in Europe is both a professional integration programme and an artistic and cultural education project initiated by Musicatreize in partnership with the ADDAP13 group for the benefit of 25 to 30 young people, both in and out of school, from the cité éducative Malpassé-Corot in Marseille for a period of two years (2021-2023).

It is also the intention to imagine a process that would lead young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to overcome conventional ideas about today’s art music, by putting them at the very heart of the creation. As actors, they become the heroes of a music they would never have imagined performing one day. As participants, they measure the involvement of each Musicatreize employee in bringing the ” mad tour ” project to fruition while taking part in it (as trainees in fields as diverse as production, distribution, administration, live performance technique, artistic interpretation, etc.). This strong mobilisation of all towards them aims to broaden their horizon of possibilities, to carry out a collective project by making them discover an unknown cultural practice and to put them on a possible path to professional integration.