Stage, music and video design Zad Moultaka
Libretto Bruno Messina

Stage and video for 6 singers

6 singers on stage and 6 others on screen create a setting for a kind of metatheatre of time and space. A singer leaves the stage and, a few seconds later, is found in an olive grove in Kalamàta or on the Acropolis of Athens ; another leaves the Alepotrypa cave and appears before us on stage, in flesh and blood. The singers go on performing in the midst of the video screening, multiplying themselves endlessly while evoking the Hydra of Lerne, or walking on ground that has become a river or dry, cracked ground or a black hole swallowing the Nemean Lion.

12 labours for 12 playful, poetic, fantastic and amazing scenes. A dynamic performance that draws both on our unconscious, going back thousands of years, and on our present.


Musicatreize CNAV
Zad Moultaka studio
Rouen Normandy Opera House

_The date

Premiere Aug 21st 2023 / Festival Berlioz, La Côte Saint-André