Musicatreize Ensemble
Cello Frédéric Audibert
Direction Roland Hayrabedian

« sensual textures, translucent glints, obsidian, motionless life, bright Neolithic, so many materials which feed into my composing »
Dominique Lièvre

Impressed by the work on texture and light of the artist Pierre Soulages, the composer Dominique Lièvre and the poet Kevaly Kheuanesombath deliver a new work for vocal ensemble and solo cello. This creation inspired by the art of Pierre Soulages was already being conceived and designed in Jan 2022. The recent death of major artist Soulages gives a new dimension to this project.

On the program:

Noir, Lumière et Outrenoir Dominique Lièvre
Work for solo cello and 16 voices


Work by Dominique Lièvre after Pierre Soulages
Poem by Kevaly Kheuanesombath
Cello Frédéric Audibert
Production Musicatreize CNAV

_The dates

Premiere March 17th 2023 / 20h – Église Saint-Théodore Marseille

June 25th 2023 / 18h30 – Chants libres, Les Arcs-Sur-Argens