Musicatreize Ensemble
Direction Roland Hayrabedian
Zad Moultaka music
Aix-Marseilles University Musicology Department Choir Philippe Franceschi Arles vocal Ensemble Pascal Stutzmann -Prouvost
The Docks Choir Catherine Lambert
Darius Milhaud Choir Maxime Kaprielian
«Coming Forth by Day» Choir Cati Delolme
Victor Hugo School La Roque D’Anthéron Elsa Lautier

Death is an end only if the deceased fails to find the « exit by day » during his initiation journey. This ritual, described in the Book for Coming Forth by Day (or Book of the Dead of Ancient Egypt) comes directly from the union of Isis and Osiris. Horus (son of Osiris), Hamlet and Hapi deny the death of the God of the Nile, they ruffle their hair, they slap their thighs, they clap their hands before the dismembered body. Carried to the « Lake of Life » Osiris becomes a jackal and devours his brother Seth. Perfumed by Isis, Osiris returns to his original body and mates with his sister – symbol of nature constantly renewing itself, Death (winter, flood, drought) generating Life, the « exit by day ». An incestuous love, cyclical and everlasting.


Conceived as a multifaceted musical fresco, Khenkhenou / Coming Forth by Day is an imaginary funeral rite from Ancient Egypt. The composer Zad Moultaka selected key moments from this ceremony as described in the Book of the Dead: evisceration, embalming of the body, its placing in the sarcophagus, the procession. The professional vocal group of 16 singers is led by the 4 basses gathered around the bass drum (an instrument that is struck, stroked and scratched and which also serves as a soundbox for the voices) : the priests and the dignitaries of this imaginary Ancient Egypt. The large amateur choir (or the electronics) act as the crowd, sometimes echoing from the distance, sometimes mixing their cries with those of the vocal group. Small percussion instruments played by the choir leaders and singers punctuate the musical discourse.

_A participatory project

In order to create social ties around the artistic creation and musical practice, Musicatreize in partnership with Culture du coeur constitutes the «Sortir au jour» choir. From all horizons : amator singers, novices, social structures and people with difficulties ; this group fully integrates the final creation at the Silvacane abbey after four month of rehearsal under the direction of the choirmaster Cati Delolme.

Order by Musicatreize in coproduction with Marseille-Provence 2018 “Quel amour!”. With the support of the Préfecture des Bouches-du-Rhône, Patrimoine Arts et Culture and La Roque d’Anthéron city hall. In partnership with Culture du coeur

20 May 2018 – Silvacane abbey / La Roque d’Antéron
22 May 2018 – Musicatreize Hall / Marseilles