“In You rejoice all Creation”
Franghias Kavertsas (active from 1615 to 1648), Crete.
58 cmx 55cm / Le Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-arts de la Ville de Paris

To celebrate the opening of the new room dedicated to the collection of icons and Eastern Christian art at the Musée du Petit-Palais, the curator/art historian Raphaëlle Ziadé and the composer/archaeologist Michel Petrossian came up with the idea of a joint work in which Byzantine icons from the 17th century and contemporary music meet. The lecture is based on the icon “In You rejoice” from the workshop of Franghias Kavertsas (Crete – between 1615 and 1648).

Raphaëlle Ziadé’s text, recited by the author, and a 14th century Orthodox hymn form the basis of Michel Petrossian‘s music. While the author gradually unveils the icon through a video/multimedia creation broadcast in real time, the musical creation sung by Musicatreize is constructed in parallel.

This concert/lecture is divided into 7 parts: introduction (5 minutes, lecture and religious hymn) / unveiling (35 minutes – lecture, creation and video) / Singing the icon (20 minutes, complete musical work in concert version).

Beyond the spiritual, the themes of the conference will be the five places evoked in the icon: Damascus, Crete, Jerusalem, Venice, Constantinople, the meeting between East and West and the symbolism of the colours used.


Musée du Petit-Palais, Musicatreize and Centre Voce de création musicale de Pigna / CNCM. With the support of the Meyer Foundation

January 27th 2018 – Centre national de création musicale de Pigna (Corse)
Feburary 2nd 2018 – Musicatreize Auditorium, Marseille
February 3rd 2018 – Petit Palais, Paris
April 9th 2019 – Le Méjan, Arles
April 10th 2019 – Musicatreize Auditorium, Marseille
April 12th 2019 – Couvent des Minimes, Pourrières

November 25th 2022 – Musicatreize Auditorium, Marseille
November 26th 2022 – Musicatreize Auditorium, Marseille
January 30th 2023 – Théâtre Liberté, Toulon