Musicatreize Ensemble
Direction Roland Hayrabedian

& the Youth Choir
Unitedberlin Orchestral Ensemble

17 – 23 april 2023 : Creation residency and concert

25 april 2023 : 20h, concert

Intended for the Musicatreize and UnitedBerlin ensembles and eight teenagers not specifically trained in music, this large-scale 60-minute work alternates moments of virtuoso creation with sections intended for novice performers. All the texts in this project are written by Laure Gauthier. They are mainly drawn from two separate collections of texts:

The black sunflowers & The cavernous bodies

To carry out this project, Musicatreize is creating the youth choir in 2021. In partnership with ADDAP13, a group of teenagers and young adults from the 13th and 14th districts of Marseille sing throughout the year under the direction of professional conductors to join the singers of Musicatreize for this world premiere.

The title black sunflowers is a nod to romantic nature and the black mood: the black sunflowers covering the fields in the late season seem to offer an image of a dark landscape in the tradition of the German Lieder landscape of the romantic period. But something else is at play: the text is constructed in three sequences and three interludes (“between”) as a philanthropic march, a return to the city and the human community, and an acceptance of life.

Laure Gauthier – Author
François Paris – Music


Musicatreize Ensemble
Direction Roland Hayrabedian

In partnership with ADDAP13
With the support of the Cités éducatives

In collaboration with Voce CNCM Pigna, Corsica

With the Youth Choir & Unitedberlin Orchestral Ensemble