Musicatreize Ensemble
Direction Roland Hayrabedian
Luca Antignani Music
Francesco D’Orazio Violin

In 2014, during the creation of Xavier Dayer’s Babel, after the war, Roland Hayrabedian and violinist Francesco D’Orazio worked together for the first time. An artistic partnership confirmed the following year with Juan Pablo Carreño’s La Digitale and a recital in the Musicatreize Auditorium as part of “Mars en baroque”. With Acqua di mare amaro, the composer Luca Antignani seals this artistic partnership with a work tailored to the ensemble and the violinist.

Musicatreize with the support of SPEDIDAM and the assistance of the Ministry of Culture for the creation of an original work.

_ Dates

7 June 2019 – Musicatreize Auditorium, Marseille premiere
28 July 2019 – Festival Messiaen au pays de la Meije
10 October 2020 – Musicatreize Auditorium, Marseille
24 November 2020 – Sons d’Automne, Annecy