The Witches

Text Maria Teresa Horta

Music  António Chagas Rosa

Staging and illustrations Toni Casalonga

Direction Roland Hayrabedian


Inspired by Maria Teresa Horta's poetry, Chagas Rosa’s tale is much more than a story about witches. The women use their magic powers to fiercely resist the Inquisition’s institutional powers. This tale, a true allegory of Mother Earth and her traditions, is our ticket to the heart of Portuguese culture.


Its very simple form gives a unique force to the story. Written in verse, the text allows the music to develop both fully.


The story is told in three parts : the witches' song, then the Inquisitors' song and finally the sacrifice by fire.


This tale’s visual aspect is entrusted to Toni Casalonga, a fine connoisseur of Portuguese culture.


Book with cd is available

Co-production Pigna Casa Musical, Musicatreize, Bernardines Culturgest Theatre in Lisbon. With the support of the France Telecom Foundation and the Support Foundation for Lyric Creation.

Audio Clips

  • The Witches