The Magic Crossbow

The Magic Crossbow

Text Tâm Qùy

Music Tôn-That Tiêt

Staging  Charles Henri Bradier

Illustrations Christos Konstantellos

Direction Roland Hayrabedian


This tale, inspired by a popular Vietnamese legend, relates the way in which Vietnam was born out of the magic powers of a very coveted crossbow. An instrument of war, it here becomes the symbol of the impossible love between a Chinese prince and a Vietnamese princess.


Close to traditional Vietnamese theatre, the play is based around three key characters, performed by both singers and mime-dancers, a chorus and some instrumentalists. The music bridges the centuries, linking tradition and innovation.


With his usual acoustic mastery, Ton Thât Tiêt takes us into his musical world where Occident and Orient merge so as to inspire our dreams.


It seemed only natural to entrust the staging of this project to Ariane Mnouchkine's assistant at the Théâtre du Soleil, Charles Henri Bradier.


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