The Great Journey of Alexander the Great

The Great Journey of Alexander the Great


 Text and Music Jean-Christophe Marti

Staging and co-direction of deaf actors Philippe Carbonneaux

Illustrations Christophe Sawadogo

Ensemble  Musicatreize

Direction  Roland Hayrabedian

This tale, which is an original adaptation of a passage from the Babylonian Talmud by the composer himself, develops with each episode a reflexion on key political, philosophical or ethical problems. Alexander the Great's meetings with the Rabbis of the Negev desert, then with African women, which put the emperor's megalomania to the test, are of course the stuff of legends. But they lead to a very contemporary questioning.


The staging of this tale, intended for all audiences, involves a unique experience: that of making all the elements of the performance also perceptible to a deaf and dumb audience. A deaf actor will perform most of the text in sign language, just as a percussionnist will perform a visual as well as acoustic score. The sub-titling of short extracts will even be considered, making it possible for those who can hear to read some passages performed in sign language.


The stage device and the staging will be geared towards a visual understanding of the music. The gestures of the conductor, the percussionnist and even the singers will be highlighted, as well as the sign language.


Roland Hayrabedian

Where "Le Grand Dépaysement d'Alexandre le Grand" can be seen and heard ?

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Coproduction Musicatreize, Fontevraud Abbaye and supported by Fondation Orange, SPEDIDAM, FCL, FCM, MFA and Actes Sud.

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