The 7 Tales of Musicatreize

Seven books, seven recordings, seven musical theatre performances take us from the Finnish forest through the Africa of Alexander the Great to Vietnam or Portugal, with a stop at an old madman’s shop, crossing the Urals into Argentina, and in the process, losing our way only to find what lies deep in our hearts.

Musicatreize has brought seven musical tales into the world since 2006. True little chamber operas, they move from site to site, mingling singers, actors and instrumentalists with stage designers. They can be as simple as those children’s tales that once enchanted us, but at the same time their profound exploration of the human soul can both move and transform us.

Each tale transports us to unexplored territory, and we observe how closely writers, composers, scenic directors and illustrators have journeyed together throughout to create something unique and mysterious out of each of these musical theatre performances. Every one of the seven books published by Actes Sud includes a recording of the music and original illustrations.