Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey will be performed on Musicatreize's initiative in preparation for the year 2013 when Marseille will be European Culture Capital.

 This major project brings together amateurs and professionals, choruses and orchestras, all from the Marseille-Provence 2013 territory, in an ambitious musical creation.

 From 2010 to 2013, five great works will see the light of day. Each one of them relies upon a substantial number of choral-singers, instrumentalists, amateurs or professionals, all bound for Marseille 2013. These works all share one common point : they place the listener at the heart of the acoustic set up. Thus, the spatialization of sound requires the presence of several conductors for the vocal groups surrounding the audience.

This extraordinary adventure begins in 2010 with the composer François Rossé and his work Oïnos which has already involved more than 300 participants. In 2011, this will be followed by Dionysos by Alexandros Markéas, then Oscar Strasnoy’s, Zad Moultaka’s and Jesper Nordin's creations will take us up to 2013. These five composers from five different countries are taking an active part in the preparation of the perfomances : open to the needs and abilities of each participant, they are present from the start of the project in the choirs involved or in workshops allowing to become part of this great cultural movement.

Roland Hayrabedian

Diaporama of Serge Lourie (rehearsals of Oînos at Musicatreize)




"Bacchanales" Alexandros Markeas // Création

Festival les Musiques GMEM / Marseille



"Odyssée" Oscar Strasnoy //Création



SAPPHO LEGACY to Jesper Nordin (Suède) and Zad Moultaka (Liban)