In 1987, Roland Hayrabedian created Musicatreize in Marseille with a mind to meeting the most diverse instrumental and vocal needs. Since then, this singular instrument on the French musical scene has been juggling with aesthetics and centuries, linking the past to the present, intermingling standard repertoire with brand new contemporary creations.

Musicatreize is a formation that adapts in capacity to a score’s needs. Their repertoire ranges from the soloist to the full choir. Able to perform either a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment, the ensemble works as well on the concert stage as in the opera house, and as well in chamber music as in musical theatre. Someone as forward-looking and engaged in a modern aesthetic as Roland Hayrabedian would never have placed his ensemble anywhere other than right at the heart of creation.

Today, Musicatreize has premiered more than three hundred works, some of which were episodes in thematic cycles : “Musiques, an 13”, “Les Tentations” and, from 2005 till 2008, “Les contes de Musicatreize”. Tying such repertoire diversity to high standards of quality and professionalism has led to world acclaim. Musicatreize now tours extensively, performing at top festivals and prestigious concert halls in Southern and Northern Europe, Asia, Africa and Brazil (late 2005).

In 2007, Musicatreize was rewarded at French famous award “Victoire de la musique classique” in category: group of classical music of the year…