L’Enterrement de Mozart

Text Hubert Nyssen

Music  Bruno Mantovani

Staging Jeanne Roth

 Illustration André Beaurepaire

Direction Roland Hayrabedian

Ensemble Musicatreize


The Burial of Mozart, a game!

This is the misadventure of a man who, in a shop window, in rue de Lille in Paris, sees the engraving of his dreams. The burial of Mozart: entering the shop, he is forced to listen to the digression of the old man who owns the picture and exhibits it in order to attract strangers to whom he can recount the disappearance of Aristide, a philosophical dog who has kept him company for a long time. In experiencing this misadventure, I like the way false artifices are mixed with the plausible. Mozart did not have a burial, he was thrown into a common grave. The engraving is known under the title "The funeral procession of the poor", and it is Beethoven who named it "The burial of Mozart". As for Aristide, the philosophical pooch, he is obviously inspired by the memory of Medji, Sophie’s dog, in the « Diary of a Madman » by Gogol which I once staged. I saw a metaphor of our time where, through images and clamour, multiple impostures and injunctions invade of our imagination. And I thought of writing a radio play when a revue asked me for a short story for a collective book. I turned The Burial of Mozart into a baroque tale. And I returned to this tale when Bruno Mantovani and Roland Hayrabedian of Musicatreize asked me whether I could suggest an idea to them. I listened to Bruno’s music at length where human voices mingle mischievously with those of the instruments, and I had the impression of feeling the fabric which would clothe the words that I would lay out in a new text. I thus rewrote the baroque tale by metamorphosing it into a multiple dialogue, syncopated, sometimes even farcical, which Bruno Mantovani could use as sequences or sonorous syntagms in an acrobatic play of voices and instruments.


Hubert Nyssen


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Co- production Besançon International Music Festival in Franche-Comté, the Grand Théâtre de Provence, Musicatreize, Actes Sud Editions with the support of the Orange Foundation.

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