20 places on the sea  2009 edition

The twentieth anniversary of Musicatreize was celebrated on many occasions throughout the year 2007. But can one imagine a more beautiful festival than these two exceptional days which usher in the future?

These September days in Marseilles, which lend themselves to acoustic discoveries but also to crazy adventures throughout the city, are the beginning of a burgeoning history and a musical event which continues over time.

One can visit the city and hungrily taste the most unheard of musical savours, a feast for both the eyes and ears. The unforeseen conjunction of Musicatreize’s birthday and the « Journées du Patrimoine » (Heritage days) in Marseilles, is a unique occasion we would like to share with you!

We hope that you will come to see and hear the Musicatreize ensemble and the prestigious ensemble we have invited for this exceptional occasion, the Dutch kamerkoor from Amsterdam. They will interpret remarkable works which mostly saw the light of day in Marseilles.

The grand opening concert, which takes place in the majestic setting of the Chamber of Commerce, with the participation of the pianists Marie-Joséphe Jude and Jay Gottlieb, will allow you to hear rare works of which one can already be certain that they form part of our musical heritage.

On Saturday you are invited on a circuit throughout the city in order to discover or revisit places: at each step a work is interpreted by one of the two ensembles and a surprise awaits you…

And if we can tempt you, we leave the following week for Amsterdam in order to perform these works again and to carry on the celebration!