20 places on the sea  20 Lieux sur la mer 2009

"20 Leagues under the Sea" is based on the idea of the mobility of the public who have the opportunity to enrol in twenty different places in the city during two « Journées du Patrimoine » (Heritage days). The short concerts (between 20 and 30 minutes long) are played in very different places, from the most ordinary to the rather iconoclast. All types of music are explored, allowing room for a predominance of vocal pieces and contemporary creations. Traditional music rubs shoulders with Baroque music and Eastern traditional music or modern music by means of "surprises" offered to the public. Thus each mini-concert consists of both a set choice of music announced beforehand and a selection offered to the listeners in order to develop their taste and desire.

Instigated in 2007 on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Musicatreize, the biennial event "20 Leagues under the Sea", henceforth supported by "Marseilles-Provence European Capital of Culture 2013", widens its maritime borders. For this new edition which is still organized around the Marseilles musical circuit, three concerts will be given in Saint-Martin-de-Crau, Arles and Toulon, thus extending the scope of this biennial event to a broader territory.

This year two musical guides of repute will be joining the Musicatreize ensemble : the Neue Vocalsolisten of Stuttgart coming from the north of Europe and the Lebanese Mezwej instrumental ensemble from the east of the Mediterranean.